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The Deluxe A/C Rooms that we offer to our guests have all the modern amenities required by any person for a pleasant stay. They remain focused on meeting the exact demands of our guests. In these deluxe A/C rooms, clients can expect personalized comfort and luxury at a reasonable rate.

Deluxe A/C Rooms


This is the ideal home for someone looking for a quiet retreat near Kochi – not too far from the city but away from the noise and pollution.We have hired a team of highly experienced housekeeping professionals who efficiently cater to the demands and requirements of our guests.

Deluxe Non A/C Rooms


Deluxe Non A/C Rooms are also offered by us are for accommodation to both domestic and international travelers. These meticulously designed rooms have excellent decor owing to which, these are highly appreciated by our guests.

Executive Family Rooms


These rooms are meticulously designed and have exclusive interior decor. Provided with all the modern amenities, stay at these suite rooms means availing personalized comfort and luxury that to at a reasonable rate.

Single Rooms


Our hotel also has Single Rooms on offer for all the budget travelers. These rooms also have the requisite amenities for ensuring a comfortable stay for our guests. Fully furnished and clean, stay at these rooms is cost-effective even for a single traveler who does not need a lot of space.